Welcome to the Town of Ocean City Click2Gov  Building Permits.

This service enables property owners and contractors to apply for the following types of permits:

Accessory Strructure (Shed) - Boat Lift - Decks/On Grade Slab - Drywall/Ceiling - Electricc Only - Fence - Grading - Guardrails - Mechanical Only - Paving - Roofing & Siding - Sign-Face Change - Sign-New - Windows & Doors

Along with your permit application, you will need to submit building plans, material specifications, site plans for any project that changes or adds to the footprint of a building. This includes additions, fences, decks, walkways, patios, shed and new AC Units. Site plans can possibly be found in PUBLIC RECORDS.

Homeowners acting as their own contractor will need to submit an Affirmation of Homeowner along with the permit application. Please click here for AFFIRMATION OF HOMEOWNERSHIP Form.

Contractors need to have a Town of Ocean City Business License, applicable Master’s License for Electrical or HVAC and Maryland Home Improvement Commission License (MHIC).

If you need to apply for a new commercial, new residential, demolition, or kitchen and bath permit, please click here Town of Ocean City Building Permit to complete the paper application. You will need to call and schedule an appointment in order to submit the building permit application.

Please call 410.289.8855 to schedule an appointment with the appropriate department(s) for a plan review if necessary. Feel free to call us if you need assistance or have any questions regarding the building application process.

For additional information please click on:

Disclaimer: Applicant warrants the truthfulness of the information in this application. If any information is found to be incorrect or if application and permit is issued wrongfully whether based on misinformation or an improper application of the code; the application and or permit may be revoked.